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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
D1 use
D1 use - non residential institutions such as schools, library, public halls, places for religious worship etc.

D2 use
D2 use - Entertainment and leisure eg cinema, bingo's gyms etc

Debt to Equity Swap
Debt to Equity Swap - A capital restructure in which a creditor (usually investor or bank) of a company swaps the debt owed into a form of share capital or stock. This usually happens when a business is unable to meet its obligations to the creditor.

Deed of Postponement
Deed of Postponement - Occurs when one lender grants another lender priority over the security held to secure the respective debt. In the event of enforcement action, the lender with priority will have their debt paid off first from the proceeds.

Defects Liability Period
Defects Liability Period - A time period of usually 6-12 months (sometimes longer depending on project) where the contractor of the building project remains legally responsible for defects that have become apparent after practical completion.    

Design and Build
Design and Build - The contractor assumes full responsibility for the detailed design and construction of the building.

Desktop Valuation
Desktop Valuation - A valuation of a property carried out with limited information and when a physical inspection is not possible.

Dilapidations - A state of disrepair in a leased property where the lessee has accepted legal liability for repairing the property. Should the lessee negate on this obligation, the lessor will suffer financial loss.