Development finance is suitable for...

  • Development of new build schemes.
  • Conversion of an existing commercial property to residential under permitted development rights.
  • An experienced developer redeveloping a disused brownfield site with planning permission.
  • The renovation and extension of an existing residential or commercial property.
  • A profitable development at the final stages of construction but due to delays and cost overruns, are unable to raise the financing needed from their existing lender to complete the build before selling or refinancing.
  • Refurbishment and reconfiguration of an existing property in which planning consent and building regulation approval is required.
  • Purchase or refinance an existing property without planning permission but has an existing site value that a lender is happy to lend against and allow the customer the time to achieve planning.
  • Buy properties at auction to redevelop
  • Demolition and redevelopment of an existing commercial building with planning permission for a residential, commercial, or mixed-use scheme.
  • An experienced developer wanting to make acquisitions using a flexible revolving credit facility secured against existing assets
  • A property developer with a completed development but has run out of time on their loan facility and face default penalties if not repaid. The refinance can also release equity to fund the purchase of new sites.
  • The developer keen to repay an existing expensive development loan and require a longer sales period to maximize the prices achieved.
  • Developers seeking to refinance an existing building and require extra time to enhance the currently consented scheme and fund future build costs.
  • Joint venture developments schemes.

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