Buy to Let Finance faq's

Who do you lend to?

We can lend to Individuals, Limited Companies, SPVs, LLPs, Offshore, Foreign Nationals,  Complex Structures and Trusts.

How can I get a loan?

In order for us to help you get a business loan or other form of suitable credit, you will need to complete our online enquiry form that asks for the basic information we need to move your enquiry forward. Alternatively, you can telephone us on 020 8988 1102 to discuss your requirements.

Do I need to provide security?

Yes. Lenders require your mortgage to be secured against the property or properties the loan is against. Some lenders require a Directors Personal Guarantee to support the borrowing.

How do lenders differ?

The lending criteria for lenders can vary dramatically. They differ in many ways, for example: asset class they lend to; interest rates; flexibility; early repayment charges; LTV; interest cover ratios; terms, fees, tenant criteria, service standards and much more. We will help you navigate through this minefield to save time and ensure you have the right mortgage product to grow your residential and/or commercial property investment business.

How much borrowing can you source?

This really does depend on the many factors. But in summary, a lender bases their decision to lend on the experience of the proprietors; security value; quality of the property; track record; tenant quality, affordability and a good business plan. If strong on all these criteria, 85% LTV at very competitive rates is achievable.

Can I still get finance if I have a blemished credit record?

Yes you can. Whilst it is not ideal, we will look to understand your business and overall circumstances and your credit record and advise on the funding options open to you. We would strongly advise to inform us of any outstanding creditors, CCJs, arrears etc at the outset as this can save time and avoid unnecessary costs during the mortgage application process.

What is the Buy to Let credit process?

1. The initial enquiry

The type and amount of information we need at the outset will depend on the client, complexity of the case and lender requirements. But generally, this stage requires us to carry out a fact find exercise understand:

  • The borrower, business and experience
  • The property and location
  • Information about income, assets, liabilities and expenditure
  • Tenant information
  • In some cases a Business Plan
  • Credit history
  • In some cases the latest financial accounts

The accuracy and quality of the information we gather at this stage will help us and the lender process your application faster to loan offer, completion and get the best loan terms. We also discuss how we work, costs and process to completion.

2. Approach lender

Using the information gathered from the fact find, we then decide the options available to you and where required write a detailed proposal to the lender with the information they need to assess and approve your application and issue an agreement in principle or offer letter.

Valuation and legal instruction

Where collateral security is required and on acceptance of the offer, a valuation is instructed to confirm the value of the property/portfolio. The valuation fee must be paid to the valuer in advance. The lender and borrower appoint a solicitor to act on their behalf. The borrower is responsible for both the lender and their own legal fees.

3. Drawdown

Upon satisfactory valuation, completion of the legal work and when loan conditions are satisfied, the lender will release the funds to your solicitors to complete the transaction.

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