Is it possible to get 100% bridging loan?

100% Bridging Loan

A 100% Bridging Loan covers the full cost of a residential or commercial property purchase. A bridging lender would typically fund up to 75% gross loan to value including interest. But in the following circumstances, getting a 100% LTV bridging loan is possible:

  1. The borrower provides extra security to reduce the risk to the lender. This could be by way of a first or second legal charge over another property with sufficient equity.
  2. Purchasing a property at below open market value (OMV). The bridging lender can lend against OMV not purchase price. For example, you can use a bridging loan to purchase a repossession property bought for £350,000 but with a market value of £500,000, without any down payment.

Unlike a traditional high street lender or challenger bank, bridging lenders are less rigid in their approach to lending. They are more likely to relax their underwriting criteria and agree a 100% bridging loan if the borrower has good credit, experience, a realistic exit strategy and the lender is sufficiently secured.

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