Finish and Exit Development Loan

What is a Finish and Exit Development Loan?

A finish and exit development loan allows a developer to repay an existing development loan, raise the balance of funds needed to finish the build and time to sell or refinance completed units.

When to use a Finish and Exit Development Loan?

  • When the existing development loan has reached the end of its term.
  • Before practical completion or building control sign off.
  • The build stage is post ground works, wind & watertight or near finish.
  • Extra time needed to market the completed properties.

How to repay a Finish and Exit Development Loan?

A development finish and exit loan is typically repaid from the sale of the completed development or refinance when the units are are fully let.

Benefits of a Finish and Exit Development Loan?

  • Avoid default interest rates and charges.
  • Reduce borrowing costs.
  • Provides drawdown funds needed to finish a development.
  • Avoids costly construction delays.
  • Provides extra time needed to market the properties.
  • Equity release can be agreed on a case by case basis.
  • Light monitoring for sufficiently advanced developments.

Finish and Exit Development Loan terms

  • Borrower: Available to Individuals, Limited Co, LLPs, Partnerships, Foreign Nationals and Companies
  • Property: Any property type including residential, HMO’s, commercial and semi-commercial properties
  • Loan Size: From £250,000 – £25,000,000
  • Interest Rates: From 0.59% per month.
  • Term: 3-18 months
  • Arrangement Fee: From 1.5%
  • Day One LTV: 70%
  • LTDGV: 67.5%
  • LTC: 90%
  • Location: England and Wales

Information needed to apply for a Finish and Exit Development Loan:

  • Borrower details.
  • Property address.
  • Funding requirement.
  • Information about the development to date.
  • Details of the completed scheme.
  • Security offered.
  • Schedule of works.
  • Exit strategy.
  • Contractors and professional team.

Can I apply for a Finish and Exit Development loan with adverse credit?

Yes. Providing the lender is comfortable with the borrower’s ability to complete the scheme on time, on budget and successfully exit.

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